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About Us

Easy 7 – is a leader of the casino`s services market. We are using complex approach in the creation of the slot games, which takes into account branded game mechanics, custom engines and platforms and also different versions (mobile, social, web). We will promote your product and conduct proficient analytics like nobody else. Our favorite pastime – is to make a unique plug-and-produce slot for you.


We pay utmost attention to each detail in the process of application development. That is why our decisions beneficially differ in quality and performance speed. Our system supports Jackpots and gift spins which make game catching, involving and have a positive effect on value gain and lifecycle of a player


We offer an integration of payment systems in your turn-key solution


 Slots development

Various slot games and applications:

  • Mobile games
  • Social games
  • Platforms
  • Maintenance

 Product integration

Implementation of our games into your projects opens new opportunities:

  • Bigger amount of traffic
  • New interesting content
  • Financially reliable audience
  • Growing profitability of your project


Our internal instrument for your convenience – Back office:

  • Custom development
  • Activity and movements data accumulation
  • Efficiency diagnosis
  • Convenient reports format
  • One panel for omnifaceted analysis

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